What’s Going On With GMOs?

We have known for a while now that GMOs have a negative affect on your health, and brought it up a while ago in another post. We also wrote a post on the pros and cons of GMO labeling. Many of the restaurants that we eat at proudly post on their menu that all of their foods are GMO free. With the holidays just around the corner, we are about to consume a ridiculous amount of food, so this is a good time to remind ourselves exactly why we avoid foods that contain genetically modified organisms. Continue reading

Tips for a Paleo Thanksgiving Meal

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When we think of the Thanksgiving meal, what comes to mind? Turkey, naturally. But also stuffing, gravy, corn, bread rolls, pumpkin pie…All those things have items in them or are not in the Paleo diet.

Now, you might be thinking: How can you be so strict with your diet on a day like Thanksgiving? Can’t you ease up a little? Well, yes. Of course you can, if you don’t have any dietary issues that have caused you to choose a certain way of eating, like Paleo, vegetarian or raw vegan, or even sugar/dairy/gluten free. Continue reading

Support the Fight Against Diabetes

Over 29 million Americans have diabetes, and 86 million Americans age 20 and older have prediabetes. It’s the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, but there are many ways to combat acquiring diabetes, and many are within our control. Diet and exercise are two of the main ways people can fend off this disease—a disease that brings with it a host of other health problems, like heart attacks, stroke, blindness, kidney disease and more.

The American Diabetes Association knows that diet and exercise can help prevent and help Type 2 diabetes sufferers, and they know that combining good, old-fashioned exercise with fundraising is a great way to raise money. And this is where you come in!

It’s easy to help support this foundation that does so much important work. And maybe you’ve been affected by diabetes, or even have it yourself. How can you give back? There are some great ways, and all are a lot of fun: Continue reading

Have Gratitude for Your Food

Setting the table is one way to eat more mindfully.

‘Tis the season to take time to reflect on what you are grateful for. In the spirit of this notion, Go Raw is hosting a #21daysofgratitude giveaway on Instagram. It takes 21 days to change a habit, so why not make it a goal to eat more mindfully? Slowing down and eating with mindfulness will prevent you from overeating and help you to be able to appreciate your food. Not to mention your digestive system will thank you. Continue reading

Celebrate Peanut Butter Lovers Month—Without the Peanuts

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll have grown up on the PB&J, a good, old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Everyone had their favorite jam, whether it was grape, strawberry, raspberry or even Knott’s Berry Farm boysenberry, for us in Southern California. But one thing was always constant: the peanut butter.

But then the time of peanut allergies arrived, and schools no longer allowed the PB&J to cross their property lines, not even on the playground. Of course, for those with peanut allergies, it was a matter of life and death. But what about those, with or without allergies, who love a PB&J but can’t indulge? Continue reading

Holiday Dining with Diabetes

Do you or a family member or friend suffer from diabetes? Controlling this disease can be complicated and if someone you love that suffers from diabetes is coming to your house this holiday season it can be difficult to know what to prepare them for dinner. While each patient has his or her own particular meal plan, at Go Raw we are here to help you figure out exactly which foods can help him or her heal.

While the holidays should be a time for celebrations with loved ones, families dealing with diabetes have a particular focus on food and eating during this season. With a little bit of planning we are hoping to help you relieve this pressure and get back to spending time together. Continue reading

The Truth about Vegan Milks

The increased variety and availability of non-dairy milks on store shelves today is an exciting one for those with dietary restrictions and allergies. The main benefit to non-dairy milks is that they are more digestible than cow’s milk. However, not all vegan milks are created equal. We researched the most popular vegan milks on the market today, looked at the health benefits of each, and discovered some questionable ingredients. Continue reading

November is National Diabetes Month

As November begins and the holiday celebrations draw near, it is important to remember the seriousness of diabetes. With all of the treats and big family meals that are consumed in the holiday season, it is important to keep our health in mind. Diabetes is a long-term condition that causes high blood sugar levels and greatly disrupts the lives of its sufferers. During November, National Diabetes Month, we’d like to bring awareness to this disease. Continue reading

Happy National Fig Week!

November 1st through 7th is a week dedicated each year as the time to celebrate the fig. And here in California, we boast the largest amount of figs produced nationwide. California figs are harvested in the summer and fall, but dried figs are available all year round.

History: The high value of figs goes as far back as the 9th century to the ancient Greeks, who created laws to forbid the export of the best quality figs. Ancient Romans thought similarly, and worshipped them as a sacred fruit.  In the 19th century, Spanish missionaries planted fig trees when they established the mission of San Diego, California. The state began to focus on cultivation of figs in the 20th century and remain to be one of the largest producers to this day along with Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Continue reading

Have a Healthy Halloween Party!

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What food do you think of most when you think of Halloween? Candy? Yes, that’s the first thing that usually springs to mind. Candy corn, mini candy bars, popcorn, caramel-covered apples…the list goes on.

But can you have a Halloween party without all the junk? We think so! Here are some ideas: Continue reading