What is the Whole 30?

You can be a cookie monster with these healthy treats. They’re okay on the Whole 30!

The latest food lifestyle to take the United States by storm, is Paleo. And if you’ve heard of the Paleo diet, you probably know those who follow it don’t like it being called a “diet”. They see it as more of a lifestyle than a diet, where their eating choices are based on the diet humans ate before agriculture was introduced.

But in today’s world, many argue, you can’t eat like our ancestors. And nor should you, they say. Yet many people find that their health radically improves after following a Paleo diet, as many people do after adopting a plant-based diet. What’s the similarity? Getting rid of processed foods, refined sugars, additives and sometimes even alcohol.  Continue reading

Creative Kitchen Hacks that Will Improve Your Life

Cooking can be difficult and a nuisance at times, but there are a lot of clever tips and tricks that can make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable and efficient. With these genius kitchen hacks you no longer have to dread making dinner for your family every night. If you’re looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, these tricks will help to get you started. And the best part? You can use things that you most likely already have in your kitchen cabinets. Continue reading

Go “Local for Labor Day”

Here’s some food for thought: on average, the food on your plate traveled 1500 miles before it reached you. This unnecessary mileage has a detrimental effect on our environment, personal health, and vibrancy of local economies across America. Because of this situation, there has been a movement in recent years to shift food purchases from chain stores to local farms, farmers’ markets and locally owned grocery stores. This Labor Day, we would like to encourage you to buy local food for your holiday barbeque and beyond.

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So, why should you go “local for Labor Day?” Here are five benefits to buying local:

1.    Local food has a lower carbon footprint

When you buy local, you reduce the miles food has traveled from farm to plate. Many food products have unnecessary packaging and are trucked far away, making it is more eco-friendly to buy local.

2.    Local food is more nutritious

Local food is picked at the peak of flavor and nutrition because it doesn’t have to travel far to get to your plate. Choosing local, organic food has been shown to be more nutritious than conventional.

 3.    Local food supports your local economy

When you buy local, you are putting your dollars directly back into your local community and thus the local economy.

 4.    Local food is safer

In 2011, we saw a listeria outbreak in cantaloupe on a larger, conventional farm.  Buying food directly from the farmer means a far less risk of contamination and thus is a safer choice for your health.

 5.    Local food is an investment in the future of our food system

Buying local supports the notion of a more transparent, safer, and healthier food system for everyone.

Now you know why eating local is good for you and the planet. But you may be wondering, where do I go to buy that delicious and nutritious local food? Find a local CSA or your neighborhood farmers’ market using LocalHarvest.




Fun With Superfood Chia Seeds

Recipe and photo: Jessica / Conveganence

Does anyone remember the chia pet? The little clay animal that grew sprouted “fur” on its back? That was the only way that Americans had ever heard about the chia seed—that is until a few years ago.

That was when chia seeds became the new superfood. And it is a powerhouse of benefits, that’s no lie. But what exactly are chia seeds? They are edible seeds that comes from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, that dates back to ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. “Chia” means strength, and some people in Mexico still use them as an energy booster—some of you may have read about how the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico use chia seeds to power their ultra-runs in Born to Run. These unprocessed black and white seeds are full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, antioxidants and calcium, and, unlike flaxseeds, can be absorbed by the body as whole seeds. Continue reading

The Many Health Benefits of the Avocado

So, let’s get one thing straight off the bat here: Avocados are fruits. Strange, creamy, green fruits with bumpy skin, but fruits nonetheless. And if you’re not eating them, you should start.

Why? The first reason are because they are delicious. And then there’s guacamole. That might be two reasons. But the real reasons to eat avocados all have to do with their significant health benefits. Here’s some great news on why you should get some avocados in your fruit bowl ASAP: Continue reading

Best Uses for Essential Oils: Natural Remedies and Cleaning

More and more of us are seeking out ways of healing, cleaning and living naturally, especially those of us who are concerned about what we put in and on our bodies.

Essential oils are a great way to clear the pharmaceuticals out of your medicine cabinet, the poisons out from under your sinks, and the chemicals out of your makeup drawer.

Really? Essential oils? You may just be thinking to yourself: But they just smell good, right? Well, yes. That’s one of the most enjoyable things about essential oils, but one of the most amazing things is how well they work to heal us, clean our homes and and nourish our skin and bodies. Continue reading

Real Food Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Want to try eating healthier, but don’t think you can fit it into your grocery budget? Well, you don’t have to be a millionaire to eat a healthy diet. Here at Go Raw we realize that finances are important, especially in this economy, and we want to help provide you with economically feasible options when it comes to healthy meals and snacks. Continue reading

Healthy Super Foods: Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are now considered to be one of nature’s perfect foods. That’s right, hemp seeds have joined the list of healthy “super foods”! Raw hemp provides so many health benefits, including weight loss, increased energy, rapid recovery from disease and injury, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced inflammation, and a better immune system. Even though hemp can give us all of these benefits, many people haven’t included it in their diet simply because they don’t know how to eat it. Or because they don’t understand it, as we covered in our previous blog post—it’s not the same as cannabis.

Introducing hemp seeds into your diet can be revolutionary to your overall health and wellbeing. So, don’t be scared to try something new. Pick up a bag at your local gourmet or health food store and try out some of these healthy and delicious recipes: Continue reading

Glass Straws: The Awesome Alternative to Plastic Drinking Straws

How often do you go to your favorite juice or smoothie bar? You grab your drink and, as you leave, grab a drinking straw. How many times have you done this in your lifetime? One hundred? A thousand? More?

And you’re just one person. Imagine that person or family that goes to a fast food restaurant every day. How many straws have they thrown into the dump?

The plastic straws that are used every day are not biodegradable. And, although we realize they aren’t the only plastic product on the planet, it’s a fact that reducing (or eliminating!) our use of plastic straws could be a real boon for our ecosystem. Continue reading

It’s National Cheesecake Day!

Everyone will want a piece, but can you bear to share it?

We love to celebrate good food, and National Cheesecake Day is definitely a holiday we can sink our teeth into. And one of the items at our Go Raw L.I.F.E. Center that we have consistently had great feedback on is our raw vegan cheesecakes.

Okay, so technically it’s not a “cheese”cake in it’s traditional form, but we dare you to try one of the recipes we’ve shared below and see how deliciously creamy this dessert can be.  Continue reading