Everything You Need to Know About Cold-Pressed Juice

Raw, cold-pressed juice made by Go Raw On the Go in San Diego, CA.

Cold-pressed juices have exploded in popularity in the past couple of years due to their health benefits and their convenience. Cold-pressed juices now line the shelves of health food stores nationwide, and have become a replacement for caffeine, providing a more natural energy boost, or simply as an easier way to get the required amount of daily fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed juices contain an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables, sometimes even two to three pounds!

While cold-pressed juice industry has seen significant growth, it also has been in hot water (pun intended) due to controversy surrounding a shift in its production. Some large companies are now using a process in order to extend the shelf life of cold-pressed juice, called high pressure processing (HPP). After the juice is cold-pressed and bottled, it is placed in cold water and an enormous amount of pressure is then applied to the product. The cold-pressed juices you’ll find in the grocery store that have a longer shelf life (30-45 days) are the ones that have undergone this process. HPP changes the molecular structure of the juice, and is thought to neutralize its health benefits such as the naturally occurring live enzymes, probiotics, and essential vitamins found in cold-pressed juice.  It should be noted that HPP doesn’t use heat, so the juice is not pasteurized, but the process still neutralizes its molecules, therefore changing the cell structure that would otherwise cause the juice to spoil faster. Continue reading

Go Raw Launches “Health Hubs” in San Diego

Customers peruse the menu at the new Go Raw on the Go kiosk located in San Diego.

It’s difficult in our increasingly fast-paced world to live a healthy life on the go. Go Raw recently launched a new concept to change this reality, a “health hub” called Go Raw On the Go developed by Robert Freeland, CEO of Go Raw. He explains, “These days convenience is key. Unfortunately that limits us to mostly junk food when we’re hungry. We’ve turned the whole thing upside-down, so now we can have junk-free food that’s just as convenient, delicious, and satisfying.”

The accessibility and convenience of this kiosk-style venue allows for raw, organic food options to be easier than ever. The first locations opened last month in the birthplace of Go Raw: San Diego, California. Go Raw On the Go features truly raw, organic, cold-pressed juices and nut milks, perfect for a quick afternoon energy boost. The complete line of current Go Raw snacks and raw, organic ready-made salads and meals round out the menu. Continue reading

Turnip the Beet and Rock Out with Root Veggies

Eating seasonally during the cold winter months is a chore no more! The the variety of root vegetables available and the numerous ways to utilize them can truly make winter cooking fun. Promise.

Root vegetables grow underground so lucky for us they absorb nutrients from the soil, rendering them especially nutritious. It is an especially good idea to buy organic for this reason, in order to avoid any lingering pesticides. They have a significant amount of fiber, which is good news for your digestive system. The most popular root veggies are sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, and beets. Let’s explore how to cook them and determine their individual health benefits. Continue reading

Protect your Body with Go Raw’s Immune System Triple Threat

Choosing garlic is a no brainer.

The sheer pace of the holiday season coupled with spending periods of time around various friends and family will take a toll on the immune system. One of the best ways to arm your body right now, at the peak of cold and flu season, is to add certain foods to your diet.  That’s why we’ve devised the “triple threat” of foods that will boost your immune system. Check out our top three below, and a simple, delicious recipe to easily integrate them into your diet. Continue reading

Keep it Simple with #JuiceJanuary

Happy New Year! Today we are faced with the opportunity of a fresh new start, an optimal time to consider how to change our lives in 2015. Many of us start off the year nobly ambitious. In 2014, the number one New Year’s resolution was to “lose weight” and the fifth was to “stay fit and healthy.” These are honorable goals but are vague in nature, making them difficult to accomplish. In fact, only 8% of people actually accomplish their New Year’s resolutions. Not to worry, because this can be overcome. The first step to make a resolution actually stick is to keep it simple and specific, and it helps to write it down. Continue reading

Get Healthier in 2015 with Gratitude

Being grateful and thankful for all that we have in our lives may just be the key to health and happiness. Each and every one of us is blessed in our own unique way. During the holidays we always realize what we have, but what about the rest of the year? Loving ourselves year round and being grateful for all that we have can improve our state of mind and make us healthier inside and out. A positive attitude may be all you need to feel better in the New Year, no pills, exercising, or dieting required. Continue reading

Plan to Get Fit in 2015

Each year when January 1st rolls around, the gym gets crowded as everyone vows to lose weight. They sign up for new exercise programs and personal training sessions. Unfortunately, more than half of these people are nowhere to be found by February. If this is your New Year’s Resolution, sticking to it can be tricky. Follow these tips to achieving your fitness goals and it is sure to be a happy and healthier new year. Continue reading

Are You Struggling with Thyroid Disease?

If you or a loved one has ever struggled with thyroid disease, you know just how difficult it can be. It can feel like an uphill battle. You’re doing everything your doctor has suggested, but you still don’t feel 100%. Whether it is hypothyroid (under-active thyroid) or hyperthyroid (overactive thyroid), the food and drinks you are consuming could have an affect on your medications and your health. Continue reading

Foods to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Whenever the whole family gets together you never know what can happen. This year, when they all come over for the holidays, don’t stress out. Over 67 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, which has been called “the silent killer”, but don’t become its next victim. Lower your blood pressure before their arrival with these natural foods.

While medication can be very helpful in lowering blood pressure, it is also important to eat properly and keep your temper under control. Try eating these foods to get your blood pressure down during the stressful holiday season: Continue reading

Furoshiki: Wrap Your Presents the Eco Friendly Way

Each year we spend hours carefully wrapping our Christmas presents in beautiful paper and bows. But, on Christmas morning they are torn open in a matter of minutes and all of that wrapping paper goes straight into the trash (or recycling). Don’t you feel that this is wasteful? Well, if you wrap your gifts in Furoshiki your presents can still look amazing, but you won’t have the waste to contend with.

Wrapping paper is temporary and can be hard on the environment, so minimizing its use can help in saving the planet. This year, in honor of living a Go Raw lifestyle, wrap the presents for your family and friends in Furoshiki, and they are sure to appreciate the sustainability. Not only will they be getting a physical gift, but you will also be giving the gift of preserving the environment and following their values and lifestyles. Continue reading