Go Raw Tackles the Great Protein Debate

Food trends come and go. Most recently we’ve seen the spotlight thrust upon protein. And when it comes to diet and nutrition, there unfortunately exists a lot of misinformation. But not to worry, we are here to set the record straight about protein and diet. We’ll tell you just how much you should be getting, and how easy it is to get the proper amount using plant-based proteins and Go Raw products.

While protein is certainly an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to overall nutrition, it is just that – one piece. In fact studies have shown that one average, we are actually getting too much protein! The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that on average, men and women are consuming twice the recommended daily intake of protein. Continue reading

A Helping Hand to Improve Your Eating Habits

Have you ever felt like you could eat better? Maybe that you should eat better? We know that many of our regular customers are raw foodists and thrive on fruits and vegetables, but many others aren’t able to commit to that eating style. They aren’t even sure about how to start down a path to “real food”. So how do you improve your eating habits?

This was a problem that Lisa Leake had in 2010. Up until that point, she had never read a label, never wondered what “organic” meant or thought about buying it, and she’d never wandered through a farmer’s market. Then she read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and, as she put it, “got the wake-up call of my life”. Continue reading

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For National Ice Cream Day!

Get your spoons ready because this upcoming Monday, July 21st is National Ice Cream Day! No better way to cure the Monday blues than with some delicious, dairy-free ice cream. Whether you buy it at the store or make it yourself, be sure to celebrate this wonderful holiday by indulging in your favorite treat.

Next time you stop by your local health food store, check out some milk-free ice cream alternatives that adhere to your diet and are better for your health than regular ice cream. Overwhelmed by all of your options? Well, here is a list of some of the top rated and most highly recommended vegan ice creams: Continue reading

Three Simple Ways to Avoid GMOs at the Supermarket

We’re convinced that most of our customer base is very careful about what they eat, and one thing they don’t eat are GMOs. They seem to be everywhere these days, and with the debate about labeling GMOs still raging, they seem to be everywhere. So how can you avoid picking them up at the grocery store and bringing them into your home?

There’s a few easy ways to avoid them, like buying organic, looking for Non-GMO Project labels and keeping well away from processed food, but that’s not always enough. You’ve got to become one of those people. You know who we mean—LABEL READERS. Continue reading

Go Raw Snacks are Paleo Friendly

You may have read that title and thought: Paleo? Wait a minute, I thought Go Raw was a raw vegan company!? And you’re right. All of our products are raw vegan, but they are many other things too—organic, kosher, and free from nuts, soy, GMO, wheat, cholesterol.

And besides the buckwheat in our granola, all of our products are Paleo. And we think that’s great! We like to think of ourselves as inclusive when it comes to our customers, not exclusive. We made our products to be a healthy alternative to the highly processed, GMO, sugar- and fat-filled snack foods on the market. Continue reading

Make Your Own Mustard — It’s Good For You!

We put it on our hot dogs. The Germans love it on bratwurst and pretzels. The French eat it with cheese and baguette. The Indians use the seed and oil in many dishes. But whatever you do, don’t go to England and assume the Coleman’s mustard is as mild as the American French’s mustard. IT IS NOT.

This multicultural, spicy little seed has been around forever—well, 5,000 years or so, to be more precise. The Romans were most likely the first to use it widely, and that’s actually where the name came from. They took unfermented grape juice, or must, with ground mustard seeds to make what they called “burning must”. In Latin, that’s mustum ardens, hence “mustard”. Continue reading

Apricots: A Precious, Healthy Orange Fruit

In Latin, the word apricot is translated to mean “precious”, a name given to the little orange fruit because it ripens earlier than other summer fruits. And with summer just getting under way, what better time is there to incorporate apricots into your diet? Apricot season has a very small window, which we are currently in (end of May to mid-July).  The small fruit that grows on trees, originally from China but now grown mainly in California, is full of life-enriching nutrients and can have great benefits for your health: Continue reading

Fourth of July Party Grilling Recipe Ideas

Tomorrow is America’s birthday, the 4th of July. Today is the best day to get all your shopping done for the parties and festivities over the weekend. Even if you aren’t hosting or attending any parties, the 4th of July is not complete without a good old fashioned barbecue.

Of course, everyone can have a barbecue! The grill is not a meat-only zone—there’s delicious ways to cook veggies and even fruit on the grill! So peruse our list of ideas—don’t forget to click on the links for full recipes—and get inspired to get grilling this weekend. Continue reading

Natural Remedies for Fighting Inflammation

Suffer from painful joint inflammation? Looking for a natural way to cure it? Inflammation is the body’s natural defense mechanism that helps us to heal, but sometimes it gets out of control and can cause pain and discomfort. Doctors have developed all sorts of pills to help fight this damaging inflammation, but sometimes natural remedies can be the way to go.  Lucky for us, there are many all natural foods you can incorporate into your diet that will help fight inflammation.  Adding these specific items to your plate as often as possible is a great way to help reduce the inflammation you may be experiencing.  Continue reading

Celebrate National Strawberry Parfait Day!

Hooray summer! One of the best things about summer, besides the wonderful long evenings, is the amount of delicious, sun-ripened fruit that taste better than any candy.

And right now, strawberries are at their peak. Did you know that in Asian countries, the strawberry is called “the queen of fruits”? Neither did we. But they are called that because of their extremely high nutrient content—higher than apples, bananas and oranges. Continue reading